Friday, April 6, 2012

So many things to do!

I've been working on some commissions lately! I have a pretty big chunk to get through, but my customers are great :) It's funny doing this again. I used to work anime conventions - sell prints and do on-the-spot commissions at tables in the artist alleys. Haven't done that in a few years now, but it feels nice getting back to commission work. I always loved drawing other people's characters. 

 School has been going well! I'm so excited about where everything is going. I had to drop Layout and Timing - a pretty amazing class that gives you a whole slew of pointers on layout (background/general scene composition and flow), as well as actual timing out of key drawings. Unfortunately it was way too much for me to handle at the same time as a full animation class, as well as work. I am pretty sure I'm going to be switching over to part time at school in the fall, and I'm honestly very excited about it. The idea of staying two full years more is a little hard to think about, but ultimately it's for the best! It's two years that I will actually enjoy the frustration of school. Right now, I am just frustrated by the fact that I can never get all of my work done.
I have a friend from home coming over this weekend! Annie's been one of my best friends since I was in middle school, so she's always a great guest to have. We have that whole cheesy connection of really understanding each other. It's pretty amazing, not going to lie. I think it's really important that everyone has at least one of those people around.

I'm off to class! SCIENCE!

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