Friday, May 18, 2012

Something new!

I've been playing around with this new style of painting lately, and I think i's working pretty well for me. Some spots of this got a little muddled, but overall I still really enjoy it. With this style, I basically sketch something out pretty quick and try not to get TOO concerned about anatomy and stuff, and then I go right into flatting and making sure I have interesting shapework.

That being said, I'm definitely learning where I need work. As always, hands and feet - those are proving to be mos challenging for me. The great thing is, I'm really learning to have fun with my work. I'm excited to begin really introducing color and pattern into what I do. I've loved them for forever - one of my favorite artists is Mary Blair, who was very well known for her use of pattern, color and shape. I'm not sure I can ever achieve Mary Blair status, but I can sure try!

This summer is going to be a great one for me. I have a lot planned, and it could go many different ways. Regardless of which road I go down, I'm sure to make work and progress.

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