Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Multiplane & A New Sketchbook!

Doing some multiplane work in Animation II! Really excited about it. It's fun to try to maneuver complex camera movements and everything. It feels pretty neat doing the things I've been gawking at for yeeeaaars. :) This is the progress of my paintings so far. The wires are on their own layer, as are those two buildings. Further ones will be as well. Might be adding a little bit of floaty ash here and there too, as this is sort of derived from Silent Hill. 

And I got a new sketchbook! This guy is a bit of a beast, and a pricy one at that, but the quality is super good and I'm very excited to break it in. Working on Strange Musician concepts in it at the moment, actually! Some of which are actually going to be given out as rewards from the Kickstarter! :D 

Speaking of the Kickstarter, it should be up within two weeks, so keep an eye out for that! :D 

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