Thursday, November 17, 2011

 I'm trying to explore this style a bit more. I know there's a lot that I can do with it. But I don't only want to draw children. They work super well in it, right off the bat. I'm trying to figure out how to make adults work, without insanely stylizing them. I like the idea of the shapes being pretty obvious in children, but sort of fading as the kids grow up. Then, when you have an older character, you can /kind/ of see the original shape in them but it's not so obvious. (And then of course I can throw in a random character that is older AND has obvious shaping in them - to make them a little more obnoxious or make them appear more childlike).
 Added some color and a texture.

 So I was trying to draw someone who was slightly older, and it wound up looking like Lucas from Mother 3. Oops. Just changed some colors around, and there it was haha.

Storyboard Pro crashed on me and I lost a lot of my work. I was pretty sad.
I am not a girl... But she conveniently had the same exact expression I did. I really was not impressed. At all. >:I

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